For Roze

On the table our future is laid

as the cards show the hand we played

in the past we built today,

inflicted wounds make us decay.

We have aged, but cannot die.

These cards do not lie,

our wounds will not do us in,

what will is the pain within.


Precious Rock

You are a jewel, a diamond in the rough

I look at you and I cannot get enough.

You shine bright. You sparkle like a gem.

You are like a rose without its stem.

You are quite a find

for a precious rock, perfectly refined

and cut, ground down to perfection.

You leave no room for inspection.

You are flawless, incomparable,

your beauty is incomprehensible.

A candle cannot be held.

Your radiance cannot be quelled.


I must make a confession

stealing is my profession,

and tonight your heart is mine.

I will seduce you and shine

bright with passion red,

for I am a thief tonight invading your head

I will case your mind,

mapping the inside I will find

your every desire,

and I will stoke your fire:

caress your hips

and steal your lips

in hot fashion.

I will steal you with red passion.

For Roze – On Flesh

Here we have the sickness of flesh

where man rapes man with a mesh

of blades, pulling each other into darkness,

but alas there is another sickness

other than murder, a practice so perverse

that pulls us deeper into a curse.

What we have is sex glorified

and it is a norm that all must abide.

It is acknowledged by all and cannot be escaped,

for every day our eyes and ears are raped.

Although sex empowers

men and women with showers

of confidence, and knocks your self-esteem

if all you do is dream.

We do practice, but some abhore

the normal perversion that most ignore.

I am Tempest

When you enter the room

my heart bursts forth like a monsoon

with a flood of fire, boom

and my body roars like a typhoon

though gentle like a candle-flame

and reserved like a tidal wave

I flicker down growing lame

and yet my tides make me crave

for your eyes, heart and lips,

your passion, beauty and soul,

even those craving hips

urge me to pay the toll.

I cannot stand it when we are apart

For you forever have my heart.

For Roze – On Greed

Here we have the sickness of greed,

the beast that we all must feed,

Fed from the fires of need and want.

It is a sickness that does haunt us all

Us all to the core, and yet we need it

to survive. It cannot be forfeit

For it gave us land, water and food,

and unnecessary necessities that without leaves us nude

In the forest of society,

a place where sobriety

cannot be obtained

so we are unconsciously pained

to feed the fire

of society’s desire.


Feel my vibrations,

sense my sensations

echoing in the air,

burning like a flare

like a tribal fire.

I ripple and perspire

with beats, sick with intensity.

I vibrate off your density

booming loudly with stick upon stick,

hand upon hand and I get sick

with beats hard and loud.

I echo loud and proud

with a bang and a boom.

Forever my vibration will loom

on your heart and soul

just so long as you pay that toll.